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West Blue Bar unlocked at Level 70.

Recommended crew:

  • Enel: Skill cannot miss and deal the most magical AoE damage in this bar.
  • Crocodile: AoE Skill can stun but if the skill miss the first target, it will not deal any damage to anyone.
  • Vivi: Can heal and cleanse all the debuff of all crew members.
  • Smoker : High skill damage which can silence targets in a row.


Name Quality Profession Skill

Accinosmall cr

Quality A Sniper Steam Iron
[Monomer] Attack a target with armor break effect. Deal 5000+ Damage depending on Speed and reduce target's physical and magical defense by 15%.

Bellamysmall cr

Quality A Sniper Spring Scope
[Monomer] Attack a target behind the front target causing 150% physical damage and stun for 1 turn.

Crocodilesmall cr

Quality SS Navigator Super Sandstorm
[MonomerRelease a sandstorm to deal the target 150% magical damage. Afterwards, damage will randomly leap up to 5 times and reduces by 25% each time. Meanwhile, the damaged unit has a certain odds of stunning for one turn.

Daltonsmall cr

Quality A Swordsman Violin Strike
[Monomer] 50% odds of stunning the target while attacking and reduce 20% physical and magical defense.

Enelsmall cr

Quality SS Navigator God Of Thunder
[All] Release thunderbolt to attack all enemies. High critical rate. Hits can inflict 80% magical damage.

Foxysmall cr

Quality A Doctor Slowmo Photons
[Monomer] Inflict 150% magical damage to a single target. Reduce hit, dodge and speed by 50% for 2 turns

Kohzasmall cr

Quality A Swordsman Revolution
[Monomer] Inflict 150% physical damage to a single target, after that increase 50% critical for next 2 turns.

Mr. 1small cr
Mr. 1

Quality S Swordsman Sparkling Daisy
[Monomer] Deal 200% physical damage to a single target. There's certain odds of absorbing 50% damage into HP while attacking.

Mr. 2small cr
Mr. 2

Quality S Swordsman Swan Dance
[Column] Attack enemies in a column causing 100%, 200% and 400% physical damage accordingly.

Mr. 3small cr
Mr. 3

Quality A Swordsman Candle Wall
[Monomer] Enter protection status upon releasing. Reduce 70-80% damage for 2 turns.

Smokersmall cr

Quality S Navigator White Gale
[Row] Attack enemies in a row to inflict 180% magical damage and makes enemies can't use their skill for 2 rounds.

Vivismall cr

Quality S Doctor Dizzy Dance
[All] Clear debuff away from all members of your side and recover 20% of individual max HP.

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