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Vivibig cr
Nefertari Vivi
Crew Info
Profession Doctor
Quality Quality S
Special Skill Dizzy Dance
Location West Blue Bar
Secondary Job Controller General
Sailing Bonus Cargo Capacity +15%
Attribute Growth


"Princess of Alabasta, She loves peace and has a high sense of responsibility. But sometimes she may do some ignorant things."

Vivi is an optional crew if you want a healer. She is considered to be one of the top 2 best healers in the game.**

Special Skill

Skill Vivi Dizzy Dance
Clear all Debuffs from all members of your side and recover 20% of the Units Max HP.

Upgraded Skill

Upgrade Skill Vivi U. Dizzy Dance
Clear all Debuffs from all members of your side and recover 30% of the Units Max HP. There is a chance to Stun your Opponent's randomly. Constitution increases the Healing %. Intelligence increases the chance of stunning your Oppoenent.

SS Vivi Formula Skill: 30% + Increased HP Rate % (Depends on her Constitution)

  • Vivi's healing increases with her physique (Constitution).
  • Vivi's stun rate increases with her Agility.


  • SS Vivi healing with her Cons. maxed will never exceed 57% when she had her Devil Fruit in level 140.

SS Vivi with Devil Fruit heals:

  • 36.7% when her physique (Cons.) is 800 in level 87
  • 39.4% when her physique (Cons.) is 1068 in level 87
  • 56.25% when her physique (Cons.) is Maxed in level 140

Devil Fruit

Vivi-devilfruit Nobleness
Increase her Constitution by 5%. There is a chance to clear all Debuffs at the beginning of each round.


  • High ROI for a Devil Fruit.
  • Very high healing with proper development.
  • Very effective healer for the novice and the advanced player.
  • One of the best 3 doctors in the whole game.
  • Considered a better doctor than SSS Chopper because of her instant healing.


  • Difficult to develop both healing and stunning ability.

Recommended Passive

  • Inspiration
  • Holy Guard
  • Wind Wing (Optional)

Holy Guard is a must for Vivi if she is a tanker and the reason that Wind Wing is optional is because that if you want her to heal your damage, you must be hurt by enemies first (So to make her healing effective she must be the slowest) but still, Wind Wing is a must if you are using Vivi for stunning enemies or if here Agility is maxed.

Recommended Gear Sets

  • Black Moon Set
  • God of Sea Set

It's recommended to increase her Hit Rate with shells, shadows and badges since her fury regain only when she successfully hit the opponent.

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