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You got a new Unit and you don't know who to replace? Or There is something missing within your team and you don't know who you will need? This Section will hopefully help you in choosing the right Unit for your team.

If you have any of these Units they can be replaced with any of the higher tiers in their category. Any Character not mentioned can be replaced by anyone who is mentioned here.

Meta: Nami / Brook / Aokiji(although not many can use him) / Kizaru / Usopp(Popularity of Laffitte is increasing) / Chopper.

~When playing competitively in the Outstanding Level you will definitely come across these Units

Anti-Meta: Kuma(Buff Remover) / Robin(Fury) / Hawkins(Single Attack Counter)

~Anti-Meta can be considered Meta.

MULTI-TARGET ATTACK (Deal great damage that is difficult to recover from)

Nami - Aokiji // Future: SSS-Ace (Base int 1188) - SSS-Blackbeard (Base int 1222)

Brook // Future: SSS-Mihawk (Base str 982)

SINGLE ATTACK (Deal Great Damage to a Single Target)

Doc Q - Kizaru - Laffitte - Law-Juzo

Usopp - X Drake - Zoro

SUPPORT (Have brilliant skill to support/protect your Team)

Chopper - Hawkins - Law - Robin - Vivi // Future: SS-Moriah // shirahoshi

Akainu - Brook // Future: SSS-Mihawk - SSS-Blackbeard

IMPACT (Are very dangerous at the beginning of a Battle. Most recomended to give Fury Shells to)

Aokiji - Hancock - Nami - Perona - Robin

Brook - Franky - Sanji

HEAL (Best to Heal your Team)

Chopper - Law-Shirahoshi

SCAN (Best used for battles against unknown Teams. Will look for weakpoints and turn them to advantage)

Hawkins - Law

Doflamingo - Jinbe - Sanji - Van Augur

DELAY (High chance to stun or Stun for multiple Turns)

Aokiji - Hancock-Kid

Brook - Franky - Kuma - Sanji

DEBUFF (High chance to induce a unique Debuff or can induce multiple Debuffs)

Aokiji - Hancock - Magellan - Perona - Shoujou

Akainu - Brook - Kuma-Kid

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