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South Blue Bar unlocked at Level 50.

Recommended crew:

  • Hatchan : Deals the most AoE damage in this bar and a good tank.
  • Gedatsu : Deals AOE and able to silence targets.
  • Tashigi : Very fast and good damage dealer to a row of enemies.
  • Krieg : Very effective with AoE team as it heal a lot of health to the attacker.
  • Arlong : Very high single target damage.
  • Kuroobi : Deals non-attribute damage to a single target and stuns for 2 turns.


Name Quality Profession Skill

Alvidasmall cr

Quality S Navigator Smooth Spray
Deals 80% magical damage to all enemy targets, with a chance of reducing their speed by 30% for 2 turns

Arlongsmall cr

Quality S Swordsman Mad Slash
Attacks a single target for 200% physical damage, with a chance of dealing double damage

Chewsmall cr

Quality A Navigator Water Cannon
Attacks and poisons a random target, causing them to lose HP for 2 turns

Gedatsusmall cr

Quality S Navigator Marshy Burger
Deals 100% magical damage to all enemies with a chance of silencing them,making them unable to use skills for 1 turn 

Hatchansmall cr

Quality A Swordsman Six-Sword Waltz
Deals 120% physical damage to all enemies. Damage is doubled against targets with low HP

Kriegsmall cr

Quality S Sniper Battle Spear
Debuffs a single column of enemies. Normal attacks against debuffed targets will heal for 100% of the damage done. Last for 2 turns

Kurosmall cr

Quality A Sniper Death Scoop
Deals physical damage to a single target. Chance to attack twice

Kuroobismall cr

Quality A Swordsman 1000 Brick Fist
Attacks a single target for 80% non-attribute damage, as well stunning them for 2 turns

Ohmsmall cr

Quality S Swordsman Eisen Flouret
Deals 250% physical damage to a single target and absorbs their fury (1~50)

Pearlsmall cr

Quality A Navigator Fire Pearl
Deals 150% magical damage to all enemies. Medium hit rate

Tashigismall cr

Quality S Swordsman Cut
Attacks a single row of enemies. Damage done is increased after hitting a target(100%,200%,400%)

Wapolsmall cr

Quality A Navigator Swallowing Cannon
Deals non-attribute damage to a single target and stuns them for 1 turn

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