Players can experience the shadow system in the game at lv.50.

Players can hunt the shadow to obtain various shadow demons via silver. There are 10 kinds of shadow demons available now: Critical Hit Shadow Demon, Critical Hit Resistant Shadow Demon, Block Shadow Demon, Block Break Shadow Demon, Hit Shadow Demon, Dodge Demon, Physical Attack Shadow Demon, Magical Attack Shadow Demon, Speed Shadow Demon and HP Shadow Demon.


Equip various shadow demons to obtain additional attributes for the characters.


Different sprites will surround the character after the character is equipped with a S/SS shadow of any attribute in the first slot of the protagonist. See more info here:

Shadow Level + Stats

Below is a table of the list of shadows available and the EXP required plus stats.


Click here for S Shadow's Sprites and Shadow's Stats

According to the tables, people can clearly see that as your low or high rank shadow is leveled up, by comparing the two and spending equal amount of silver, you can be sure that S-rank adds the most stats for sure. However due to some people with tight budget on their silver, they might not be able to level their high rank shadows that ? high, hence unable to get the best possible stats for their high rank shadows. This is where the highlighted parts in the table comes in, applicable for efficient silver usage, for those who are not able to get the best S or A rank shadows, this highlighted ones may be of some guide for you.