• East Blue Bar : Contain 8 Quality A rank crews and 4 Quality S rank crews.
  • South Blue Bar : Contain 6 Quality A rank crews and 6 Quality S rank crews.
  • West Blue Bar : Contain 6 Quality A rank crews, 4 Quality S rank crews and 2 Quality SS rank crews.
  • North Blue Bar : Contain 3 Quality A rank crews, 5 Quality S rank crews and 4 Quality SS rank crews.
  • All Blue : Contain 5 Quality S rank crews and 7 Quality SS rank crews.
  • All Blue 2 : Contain 12  Quality SS rank crews.

All bars contains at least 1 Quality S rank crew members except for All Blue 2,All Blue 2 contains 12 Quality SS rank crew members and none of them are Quality S rank crews.

Sailor Bars Catagory: Category:Sailor Bar

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