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Profession Feature
ATK StatStarY StatStarN StatStarN StatStarN StatStarN
MATK StatStarY StatStarY StatStarY StatStarY StatStarY
DEF StatStarY StatStarY StatStarN StatStarN StatStarN
MDEF StatStarY StatStarY StatStarY StatStarY StatStarN
SPD StatStarY StatStarY StatStarY StatStarN StatStarN
Featured in frequent control and group damage, magical control type is possessed of high wit growth.


Attribute Growth
Strength 198
Wisdom 352
Constitution 286
Agility 264

Protagonist Navigators are avarage damage dealers with additional controlling (stun). They can achieve good damage with proper development and shells. As Protagonists can achieve bonus combat stats from Character Development, they also can be good tanks - and are recommened as those: Later on Protagonists own Pet's which release skills after the Protagonist takes a certain amount of attacks, so they are supposed to stay in the front. Therefore never neglet their defense.

Note: Most information is related to Navigator Protagonist only. Look up the crew's own pages for crew specific informations.


The Navigators as class are great magic damage dealers and/or controllers. They have the highest magic attack and avarage to high magic defense and speed. They become even faster with "Speed Control". Navigators are difficult to control cause they can clear a debuff with "Shelter of Gods" which maybe is the best passive ingame. And in the long run, they can gain incredible powers with "Flame Power", increasing their magic attack for the whole battle - stackable! A few Navigators skills can even critical hit. If it is a single target skill, it can benefit from "Tactics" which extremly increases the critical damage.

As Protagonist they are avarage controller with a 40% chance to stun for 1 turn. So regardless the rest of your crew, you always have a change to stun and control the battle. As beeing a double edges sword, their skill damage is based on the magic defense of the target in front of them. So they deal high damage when facing a Swordman or Sniper.


While Snipers and Navigators often counter each other, Snipers are faster in general because of higher Agility and better speed bonus from "Rapid Outburst" when proper developed. In addition they leak in physical defense while Snipers dealing the high physical damage. Since "Rampage" is redesigned, Swordman also deals huge damage to Navigators - often even higher than Snipers. So, without physcal defense shells they are very squishy. Skills that attacks the target with lowest physical defense often targets Navigators - because of very low STR and therefore lower physical defense.

As Protagonists they deal avarage damage compared to Swordman and Sniper. As being a double edges sword, their skill damage is based on the magic defense of the target in front of them. So they deal low damage when facing a Navigator or Doctor. Since their stun chance is about 40% only, their stun is not reliable.

Aptitude Skill

Icon Skill Name Proc % Description
Navigator - Fallen Star Fallen Star 40% [AOE] Deals 100% magical damage. Damage percentage increased by INT. Has a 40% chance to stun for 1 turn.

After you reached level 40 and completed the main quest "Battle of Ironfist Fullbody" you can upgrade your active skill to this aptitude skill for free.

Passive Skills

Icon Skill Name Proc % Description
Navigator - Fiery Blessing Fiery Blessing Passive [Monomer] Increases Critical Hit by 1% PSL.

Max: +15% Crit.

Navigator - Flame Power Flame Power 5% + 3% PSL [Monomer] Stackable. Each increases M.ATK by 0.8% PSL.

Max: +12% M.ATK at 50% chance.

Navigator - Gale Gale 15% + 3% PSL [Monomer] Increases Dodge by 1% PSL for 2 turns.

Max: +15% Dodge for 2 turns at 60% chance.

Navigator - Shelter Of God Shelter Of God 25% + 5% PSL [Monomer] Clearing 1 debuff at the begin of your turn.

Max: Clearing 1 debuff at 100% chance.

Navigator - Speed Control Speed Control Passive [Monomer] Increases Speed by 1% PSL.

Max: +15% Speed.

Navigator - Tactics Tactics Passive [Monomer] Increases your attack's critical damage by an additional 10% PSL.

Max: +150% additional critical damage. (300% damage)

PSL = per skill level

Devil Fruit

Increase INT by 10%. 50% chance to deal additional 10 * INT non-attribute damage on normal attack.

Recommended Passives

  • Shelter of Gods + Speed Control ► for controlling or damaging quickly.
  • Shelter of Gods + Flame Power ► for dealing high damage in the long run.
  • Shelter of Gods + Gale ► for tanking.

Not recommended Passives

  • Fiery Blessing ► skill damage cannot critical hit
  • Tactics ► skill damage cannot critical hit.

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