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Frankybig cr
"Cyborg" Franky
Crew Info
Profession Sniper
Quality Quality SS
Special Skill Destruction Cannon
Location All Blue
Secondary Job Shipwright
Sailing Bonus Durability +25%
Attribute Growth
Frankymed cr

"Shipwright for the Straw Hat Pirates, former leader of the Franky Family, a group of ship dismantlers. He's the apprentice of the legendary shipwright Tom and also a skillful shipwright himself."

He is a very fast crew!!!

Max Stats (SS)

level AGI STR
100 1760 1716
110 1840 1794
120 1920 1872
130 2000 1950
140 2080 2028

Special Skill

Skill Franky Destruction Cannon
[AOE] Deals 200% physical damage to all enemies. Reduces their Fury by 25.

Upgraded Skill

Upgrade Skill Franky U. Destruction Cannon
[AOE] Deals 200% physical damage to all enemies plus 10*STR absolute damage. Reduces their Fury by 35.

Devil Fruit

Physical Damage received is reduced by 30%. There is a chance to regain 25 Fury when being attacked


  • AoE Fury controller: able to delay all opponents Fury skills.
  • Strong Devil Fruit synergized very well with critical hit, block and other Fury recovery effects.
  • With Devil Fruit, he often uses his skill every 2 rounds and is even capable to use it in a row. Resulting in great damage and Fury reduction.


  • Upgrades Fury skill deals additional damage based on STR, so SSS Franky turns into a double-stat development (AGI + STR). Since most focus on AGI, you may take less advantage from this damage bonus - as free user.
  • Front crew with Devil Fruit. Achieving good damage, utility and survivability is difficult.

Recommended Passives

  • Rapid Outburst (primary, must have: early skill release is recommended)
  • Burst Assault (secondary: recommended once per team)
  • Blood Surge (secondary: very powerful in STR build. About 6k-25k PATK buff)

Other passives are very optional due to his nature.

Less Recommended Passives

  • Fast chase (he less likely kill a target, due to high speed and AE)
  • Mind Focus (not reliable with 50% proc chance)
  • Moonwalk (Devil Fruit requires him to be hitted!)
  • Blood Surge (not recommended with AGI build, only 6k PATK buff without developing)

Recommended Gear Sets

  • Black Moon Set
  • Wind God Set



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