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East Blue Bar unlocked at Level 24, because u can use the bar starting that lvl.

Recommended crew:

  • Buggy: Strongest Sniper and can be useful until level 80.
  • Jango: Very strong Team Heal and Physical Attack Buff.(Can be used untill you get Vivi or an AB 1,2 Doctor)
  • Morgan: Can stun for 2 turns, very useful until getting Kuroobi.
  • Satori: Good AOE attacker, with a lot of random debuff.
  • Shura: A high damage column attacker, with burn debuff.
  • Cabaji: 100% chance to stun an enemy


Name Quality Profession Skill

Alvida (Fat)small cr
Alvida (Fat)

Quality A Swordsman Hammer Of Alvida
[Monomer] Alvida's hammer attacks a single target for great physical damage.

Buchismall cr

Quality A Swordsman Cat Kill
[Monomer] Hit a random enemy with a Cat Kill, all inflicted damage will turn into the attacker's HP. The effect will last 2 turns.

Buggysmall cr

Quality S Sniper Spinning Dart
[Row] Attack enemies on a row, dealing huge physical damage and a certain chance stunning them for 1 turn.

Cabajismall cr

Quality A Swordsman Hollow Moon Chop
[Monomer] Attack a single enemy, inflict 200% physical damage and stun the enemy one turn. In the meanwhile, it will inflict 50% physical damage to enemies nearby and reduce their speed by 10% for one turn.

Ginsmall cr

Quality S Swordsman Man-Demon Strike
[Monomer] Attack a single enemy and decrease the target's physical defense by 30% for 2 turns. Damage depends on the skill user's own strength.

Helmepposmall cr

Quality A Sniper Aimed Shot
[Monomer] Deals physical damage and ignore any resist effects. 100% hit rate.

Jangosmall cr

Quality A Navigator 1.2.JANGO
[All] Cure all your allies. Restore HP wich is equal to 20% of the caster's max HP, also increase the physical attack power of the allies.

Mohjismall cr

Quality A Swordsman Beast Whip
[All] Attacks all enemies with a whip, dealing physical damage.

Morgansmall cr

Quality A Swordsman Earth Crack Chop
[Monomer] Attacks a single enemy for non-attribute damage and stunning them for 2 turns.

Satorismall cr

Quality S Doctor Cloud Dragon
[All] Deal 80% of Magic Damage to all enemies with a random chance of stunning them for 1 turn, poisoning them for 2 turn, silencing them for 2 turns, or reducing their physical and magical defence for 50% for 2 turns.

Shamsmall cr

Quality A Sniper Theft Swindle
[Monomer] Attack a single enemy and inflict common physical damage to the enemy's surroundings.

Shurasmall cr

Quality S Sniper Fire Pistol
[Column] Attack a column and deal 120% physical damage. Burn targets for 2 turns.

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