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Chopperbig cr
"Cotton Candy Lover" Chopper
Crew Info
Profession Doctor
Quality Quality SS
Special Skill Dancing Blossom
Location All Blue
Secondary Job Bomb Loader
Sailing Bonus Attack Speed +25%
Attribute Growth


"Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates,user of Human-Human Fruit. He's been studying medicine with Dr. Kureha on Drum Island and dreams of finding a medicine that can heal every illness."

Chopper is one of the best doctor in this game, he can be recruited from the All Blue.

Max Stats (SS)

level INT
100 1606
110 1679
120 1752
130 1825
140 1898

Special Skill

Skill Chopper Dancing Blossom
[AOE]Heal 10% of individual max hp for 2 turns, and recover 100 fury of a random crew. Heal increase according to the int stat. (max int can heal 34%).

Note: The heal is not immediately during chopper's turn. It will add a buff on every crews. The heal take effect on every crews turn.

Heal % = 10% + (base m.atk) / 1000

While this is the correct way to calculate Chopper's heal per turn, it is easier to just watch a battle and divide the amount of hp healed during a turn and divide it by the total hp of the crew it healed.

At level 130 with Maxed int, Chopper will heal 34.27% per turn.

The base m.atk is without aptitude, gear, shadow or warship bonus. For more info to find the base m.atk check the Formulas page

Upgraded Skill

Upgrade Skill Chopper Rain of Flowers
[AOE]Heal Heals 100% of mag.attack + 10% of individual max hp for 2 turns, and recover 100 fury of a random crew. Heal increase according to the int stat.(he instanly heals 100% of his m. attack and then he gives the healing buff for 2 turns)

Devil Fruit

Increase his Intelligence by 5%. Normal Attack has the chance to Stun the Target for 1 round


  • Highest heal among all doctors.
  • Heal for 2 consecutive turns
  • Recover 100 fury of a random crew
  • Upgraded skill heals the crew instantly while still giving the healing buff for two turns.


  • Heal buff can be removed by Kuma and upgraded Robin's skill.
  • Does not heals immediately, unless upgraded.
  • Healing buff is not very effective when facing high single target opponent, such as Zoro, DoFlamingo, Van Augur and Law.

Recommended Passive

  • Inspiration.
  • Holy Counter or any other Aura skill.


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