What's new in chapter 3:

  1. Increase level cap to lv110 with respective quest and map.
  2. Underwater prison system, available at lv60. Gain special honor to upgrade prot stat (block, anti-block, hit, dodge, critical, anti-critical, hp and etc)
  3. Advance hunting system, access from event interface.
  4. All Blue system, with 10 AB crews.
  5. Shichibukai arena system. Receive the shichibukai title, which shown on top of your character and some good rewards.
  6. Enhance arena's reward and presentation.
  7. Enable to get Shell Chest lv1 in team Battle.
  8. New SS hp shadow.
  9. 6 new crews in the bar.
  10. Enhance all crew's skill graphic effect.
  11. Display the gears icon in the trading interface.
  12. Enhance mailbox arrangement.
  13. Enhance Swordman prot aptitute skill. (AOE, Str increase the damage. Increase 90% def for a turns.)
  14. Double the experience gained for crew training.
  15. New npc graphics during battle.
  16. Discount for VIP gear enhancement shown after the original price.
  17. Fix some bugs.
  18. Npc with passives (inspiration, shelter of god, mirror etc) and shell (block, dodge etc)
  19. Ammendment of first time top-up rewards.
  20. Buggy's skill effects no longer 100% stun.

Updated 28th Aug: Chapter 3 and Chapter 4 are in a single update for english server.