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The battle system is what is used to fight other people on your server and also NPC's.

How it Works

Each player can choose up to 5 Crew Members (simplified "Units" for this guide) and place them on the 9 fields of their Warship to engage into battle. (Only 5 fields are available at level 1 but more can be unlocked here)


Each Unit starts off with full HP(Hit Points) and 50 Fury and then will take turns in attacking an opposing Unit. If the HP of a Unit reaches 0 it is defeated and will not take part in the battle anymore. Fury is needed to carry out a Unit's Special Skill which is automatically performed on the Units turn if the Fury reaches 100 or more.

How do I win

Once all your Opponents Units are defeated you win the battle. There is also a turn limit with which the challenger can lose a battle if exceeded. The maximum number of turns is unknown for now.


--Klller3 (talk) 12:51, March 27, 2013 (UTC)

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