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All Blue All Blue 2 Special Crew

All Blue Bar 2 is unlocked once you reach lv 87.

It takes 20-22 Days to get 4800 Fame with spending Daily 100G double so long w/o Gold.Takes 48 days without gold to get 4800 fame.



Name Quality Profession Skill

Brooksmall cr

Quality SS Swordsman Fantasia
AOE, deal 200% physical damage to all targets, str increase the damage %. High chance to cause target to sleep for 2 turns. Targets will be awaken if getting hit, damage taken will be increased by 50%

Eustass Kidsmall cr
Eustass Kid

Quality SS Navigator Magnetic Storm
AoE, Deal 200% magical damage. Reduce physical attack for 100% for 1 turn. Int increase damage.

Hawkinssmall cr

Quality SS Doctor Demon Face
Heal 200% of his magical attack to the crew with the lowest HP (by percentage). Cast protection (a scarecrow) on the crew, so he/she is immune to upcoming damage for 1 turn. 20% of the damage dealt to this crew will be rebounded to the source of the damage, damage % will be increased based on crew's Physique.

Namismall cr

Quality SS Navigator Thunder Rod
AOE, deal 150% to all targets. Critical rate is related to critical stat. Recover 50 fury after attack. Int stat increase the damage %.

Sanjismall cr

Quality SS Sniper Devil Wind Leg
Deal 200% physical damage to a row and decrease 50 fury of the targets. If the target fury = 0, deal extra 30000 non-attribute damage. Str and Agi stat increase the damage.

Shirahoshismall cr

Quality SS Doctor Fishman Protection
Heals your side by 20% of the Units max HP. Adds a protect buff for 2 turns which reduces Magical Damage taken by 25%. The heal percentage increases with wisdom, the Magical Damage reduced is increased with physique.

Usoppsmall cr

Quality SS Sniper Firebird Star
Attack a random target with 400% physical damage, burn for 2 turns. Every 200 damage recover 1 fury (max 300 fury) Agi stat increase the damage %

X Drakesmall cr
X Drake

Quality SS Swordsman X Chain Kill
Inflicts 500% Physical Damage to a single target, bonus physical damage based on strength. Reduce target's fury by 50. Chance to do his fury skill again (like Kuro). Chance is increased based on agility.

Zorosmall cr

Quality SS Swordsman 3000 Worlds
Attack the lowest physical defend target and cause 800% physical damage + 30% of self reduced hp none element damage. Strength attribute increase the damage.

Jozusmall cr

Quality SS Swordsman Brilliant Punk
Single Target, sacrifice 50% of his health and deal 500% physical + non attribute damage (1.5 X sacrificed health). Damage received will be reduced by 90% for one turn.

Marco "The Phoenix"small cr
Marco "The Phoenix"

Quality SS Navigator Phoenix Flames
[AOE]He reduce his HP by 15%. Deals(1+ amount of reduced hp x 0.0001) times of his normal magical attack to all enemies. He also reduce in all enemies -50% int and agi for 2 turns.

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