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All Blue

This Bar Unlocks at lvl 87


you can open AB here

Open AB by clicking on the icon


  • To start, click the dice and wait for the cursor to move that many spaces.
  • Sometimes you might encounter an event that shows that you have met Dark King Rayleigh along the way, which allows you to spend 20 gold to gain 8 more fame.
  • Another event that also occurs is when you can spend 1m to start a bonfire party, gaining 3 more fame.
  • Each time you pass the Final Start, you earn 20 fame.
  • You can get 2400 fame approximately 10-12 days with spending 100 Gold daily - 21-22 Days without spending Gold daily.


Name Quality Profession Skill

Burgesssmall cr

Quality S Swordsman Champion Fist
Deal 300% physical damage to single target, and stun for 2 turns. If the target is already stunned, the damage becomes 800%.

Choppersmall cr

Quality SS Doctor Dancing Blossom
AOE, Heal 10% of individual max hp for 2 turns, and recover 100 fury of a random crew. Heal increase according to the int stat. (max int can heal 34%)

Doc Qsmall cr
Doc Q

Quality S Doctor Death Apple
Deal magical damage = self max hp x 2, or heal the target for the same amount. Damage is affected by damage reduced skills.

Doflamingosmall cr

Quality SS Sniper Thread Puppet
Inflict 500% physical damage to a single target with the lowest physical defend. Strength and Agility stat increase the damage. (str+agi) x10

Frankysmall cr

Quality SS Sniper Destruction Cannon
AOE with 200% damage, reduce all targets 25 fury.

Jinbeismall cr

Quality SS Swordsman Shark Fist
Inflict 300% physical damage + Target's fury x 200 non-attribute damage to the highest fury target. Target's fury reset to 0.

Kumasmall cr

Quality SS Swordsman Ursus Shock
AOE, deal 100~300% physical damage to all. Remove targets buff and odd to stun for 1 turn. Strength increase the chance to stun.

Laffittesmall cr

Quality S Navigator Funeral
Inflict 300% magic damage to a single target. Recover 100 fury after hitting the target. Int stat increase the damage %

Lawsmall cr

Quality SS Doctor Operating Room
Deal 300% magical damage to a single target with the lowest magical defend. Heal injured crews with the same amount of damage + 10% of Law's HP.

Peronasmall cr

Quality S Navigator Ghost Network
Attack one row of enemy and cause 150% damage. Targets will become negative and their hit rate is down by 50%, lasting for two rounds, damage is calculated based on attacker's wisdom.

Robinsmall cr

Quality SS Navigator Dazzle Flowers
AOE, remove all debuff, and recover 30 fury to all crew. Fury recover according to int stat and level

Van Augursmall cr
Van Augur

Quality S Sniper Sonic Shooting
Target oppenent's crew, who lost the most hp and deal 20% of the max hp damage. Agi stat increase the damage percentage.

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