Advance Hunting is a daily even occuring twice per day. Silver, experience and bounty may be obtained. It may be accessed through Online Events during the event time.


Advanced Hunting requires you to defend a Hunting point against your opposing affiliation i.e fight against Westerns if you are an Eastern.


Basic Rules of Hunting

Hunting point is divided into several units starting from 0 to 30+ depending on the number of participants.

The first person to take the spot will be the first line of defense. People who took the spot after the first one will be the second line of defense.

If the first line of defense is defeated, the person who joined after will become the first line of defense and goes on until there’s no more defendant from the same affiliation.

Defeating the last defendant will make you the first line of defense of the hunting point if no other Hunting Point is occupied by opposing affliation.

Only one affiliation may occupy the hunting point at a time.

Each successful defend will attribute 10 honor points to the defendant.

Each 10 successful defend will decrease the defendant's stats by 20%, 20 successful defend will reduce stats by 40% and so on.

Players from opposing affiliation will have to attack the defendant to take control of the hunting point.

Each successful attack will be rewarded with 10 honor points.

The Hunting System is divided into brackets for different levels e.g. lvl80-89 hunting area and lvl70-79 hunting area. This will ensure that level difference between players will have the minimum impact due to power levels.

Rewards from Hunting

Each successful hunt will reward the player with a certain amount of experience and a chance to receive a Rare Beast. Hunting takes 30s.


The amount of experience gained will vary with level as well as Rare Beasts Level.

500 honor points may be exchanged for a hunting chest which contains 100k silver and bounty beasts.

Level 2 Rare Beast will give 200 bounty, level 3 will give 300 bounty and so on.

Maximum Rare Beast is Level 5.

Hunting 2

Cheer: Spend 20 gold to increase ally’s HP and obtain 1x level 2 Rare Beast.

10 Cheers: Spend 200 gold to increase ally’s HP and obtain 10x level 2 Rare Beast.

50 Cheers: Spend 500 gold to increase ally’s HP and obtain 50x level 2 Rare Beast.

500 Honor Points = 1 Honor Chest (level 30-59 Advance Hunting Spot)

'Honor 'Chest contains the following :

1 Super Silver Card

x1 Level 5 Beast

x2 Level 3 Beast

x4 Level 2 Beast

5 Level 1 Beast

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